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health outcome research
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stem cell transplantation
in multiple sclerosis:

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Organizing committee

Y.Shevchenko, Russia
H.-P.Hartung, Germany

A. Kuznetsov, Russia
A. Marmont, Italy
A. Novik, Russia

T. Ionova, Russia

K. Atkinson, Australia
A. Bar-Or, Canada
D. Bartko, Slovak Republic
M. Behari, India
G. Bisaga, Russia
I. Blau, Germany
M. Brenner, USA
C. Confavreux, France
G. Comi, Italy
I. Elovaara, Finland
F. Deisenhammer, Austria
A. Fassas, Greece
M. Filippi, Italy
R. Franklin, UK
S. Fredrikson, Sweden
T. Ganiats, USA
N. Goebels, Switzerland
G. Gorodokin, USA
I. Gozes, Israel
A. Gratwohl, Switzerland
A. Grigoriev, Russia
F. Guillemin, France
G. Hutton, USA
O. Karpov, Russia
D. Karussis, Israel
J. Kesselring, Switzerland
J. Kira, Japan
T. Kozak, Czech Republic
I. Lisukov, Russia
W. Macklin, USA
S. Medvedev, Russia
P. Muraro, UK
M. Odinak, Russia
O. Ottersen, Norway
G. Parker, USA
A. Plomer, UK
O. Rykavicin, Russia
R. Saccardi, Italy
W. Savino, Brazil
T. Shmidt, Russia
A. Skoromets, Russia
I. Stolyarov, Russia
V. Tkachuk, Russia
K. Turksen, Canada
A. Uss, Byelorussia
L. Weiner, USA
C. Whitacre, USA
J. Xu, China
N. Yakhno, Russia
A. Zander, Germany

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