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General Information


The organizers cannot accept liability for any personal accidents, loss of belongings or damage to private property of participants and accompanying persons that may occur during the Symposium. Participants are advised to make their own arrangements to obtain health, travel and property insurance before their departure.


The official language of the Symposium will be English. Simultaneous translation from English into Russian will be offered.


The Russian currency is the Ruble. The current exchange rate to the Euro and the US dollar can be checked at http://www.oanda.com/convert/classic (choose RUB as the Russian currency code).


The electricity is 220 V, 50 Hz. Round two-pin plugs are standard.

Climate and clothing

The weather in Moscow in October is usually quite warm. Temperatures typically range between 1 - 7°C during the day. However, rain or spells of colder weather are not excluded, so make sure to bring along an umbrella and warmer clothes.

Time Difference

Moscow's time is GMT plus three hours.

Local Transportation

Driving is not recommended in Moscow. If you need a car, it's advisable to rent a car with a driver or rent a taxi. Most taxis overcharge foreign travelers, so you should consider calling a registered taxi company. The official taxis are yellow and feature a "T" seal. If the fare is not metered, then negotiate the rate before boarding. The Metro, Moscow's world-class subway system, is safe, clean, and exceptionally efficient. Some of the older stations feature bronze statues, tile mosaics, and marble flourishes--tour groups arrange special outings to view the splendor. You will never wait more than five minutes for a train at any of the 160 or so stations. While cheap, buses, trolleys, and trams are not as user-friendly as the Metro and often overcrowded.

Travel information

Moscow is easily accessible to international travelers by air, train, bus or car. Moscow International airport (Sheremetyevo-2) is connected with major European airports and is located about 30 kilometers of the city center.

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